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my blog mindscancorpworld.blogspot.com has change to amirnazmi.blogspot.com

:: Final Year Project::


It's final year now... just 2 semester more to go for my degree(thanks to EAC for one more extra semester). Well, just go through with the flow. The FINAL is a word with many things in mind. Lotsss of work should be done before Graduation. Final Year Project is the vital one for me. I don't know if i could complete it, but Insya'Allah, i'll try my best. Since my interest in for the computer so I choose to take a modelling project which will dealing with computer software and a lot lot lot of equation( Equation???)

This word was learned during the high school and still not change even in university. Sure it's tough. During the high school, this is not my thing. Not hate it, but mybe just not my thing. But as the student, learning is your job man~ come on~ so don have to give up.. keep strong. The equation sometime trigger my nerves to work on it. The complicated of the equation. make me think what is behind the equation it self. most of the equation are created by the western(true?)..... How it can be? it may be complicated to say but i comeback later(need to research first)

Alright, back to the main topic, in this project i'll be modeling the Noise at the big petrolchemical industry. Seems a very cool sound. But seriously i still wondering can i make it? So basically thus idea came from the industrial hygiene background where i was during my intern. The department were fantastic. Most of them are cool. A lot of things i've been learned there. Thanks to everyone. So noise can be describe as unwanted sound. The sound was generated by the vibaration can be measured in decible unit or frequency. It can be measured using sound level meter or else sound measurement. Noise mapping is one of the technique that has been use to plot the area which noise can be heard. Most of the noise come from rotating component such as fan, blower, compressor and pump. These equipement can generate high noise reading that can cause harm to people. So by modelling the noise, it may can help to replace the existing method and help to prevent the hazard.

Will be continue~~

:: Exam Again::

Now this time..... i don't like it.. but i have to~.~
Wishing me all the best~

Sometimes..this also happen....

::Tottenham Gun Down Arsenal::

The new comback king...Sorry Arsenal, maybe next season~again

Since i'm in study week, just read the news from yahoo.uk site:

::AidilAdha 2010::

Salam Aidiladha utk semua~ salam kemaafan di pinta
Terkenang kampung halaman tercinta
Terpaksa menjawab solalan exam yg menimpa~
semoga dpt menjawab hendaknya

:: Roland Garros 2010 Day 3 Highlight ::

Now the Roland Garros is entering day 3. Lot of action. More excitement! Check out the latest highlight here.

for more Highlight please leave a comment and request some of the video. If you have other great link for video, hopefully you can share with us.

:: Murray survives thrilling five-set ::

British slayer Andy Murray fight in 5 thrilling match to beat Richards in Roland Garros 2010. See Highlight Here:

:: Some Highlight ::

Watch some of the Roland Garros 2010 highlight here:

I'll be back for more highlight.. stay tune..

:: Roland Garros 2010 ::

The Roland Garros is taking place now. Who will be the a new champion? Will be defending champion Rodger Federer claim it or the Nadal will take it back. I will post some highlight from day 1 till the final (if i only). So for those who like to see some of the highlight. Here is the place.

:: Holidays 3days::

Well see the title..

So happy holidays for the labor only<--- strictly for the labor... ahahaha

::New Sony Vegas 9::

Hello everyone...

This time i will introduce to you a new vegas video production, the latest vegas product that might be blow your mind. So let move on!... In this new version of vegas, i even did not yest test what Sony make improvement from the previous product of the vegas. After reading some information about this product, well i see some of the new feature that interesting. The highlight features are:

  • Precise editing tools
  • Efficient Professional Work flow for 32 and 64 bit
  • Broad format support
  • Audio Control
  • Blueray Disk Authoring
  • Interactive tutorial
Well i think i will highlight what i interest most in this new features. First is the precise editing tools. So for those who create a montage or make video editing, they surely like to make their work very precise and also make a perfect shot for the best home video. Vegas can provide a very good platform which can help you for making your home video to a professional shot ( sort of, depend how creative and how good your idea). Many plugins that will help you in this software. I'm not gonna explain everything here, you can check out the vegas web for more information.

Then for audio editing, now i working hard for this matters since i need to blend some sound to produce a good sound effect and create some score using PRO SCORE (VC product<-- recommended). So vegas provide a best platform for audio editing and save the work in various type.

Well that all that i can write since, i'm not a good writer... you can read at:

I'm B@cK

Assalamualaikum, Hello every one...

It is been a while since my last post. This is my first post since 2010. There are a lot of interesting event coming in 2010. Insyaallah i will try to post more exciting about anything that come in my mind and my experience. There are a lot things going on and some time there are too many of them. So see u soon...

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