:: How to Increase your Window 7 Boot::

Selamat Hari Raya to all...

It's been a while since my last sharing was posted.. emmm now is still early in the morning, after performing, Subuh, prayer, i sat at the study table and finding something in the web.... well nothing to do... just seeking extra knowledge for technology... The interesting part, i was found the easy tutorial for speeding the booting time in the window 7--> For those who are using it only...
So this is the tips::

A simple tweak will help you to decrease the boot time of windows 7. You will be benified by this tweak only if you have a multiple core processor. These days most of the computers have a dual core or quad core or something better than that CPU's.

* Press [Win] + R or take the RUN option from the start menu.

* Now type msconfig in there and press Enter Key to open up the System Configuration Window. Click on the Boot tab in there.
You will see a box called Time out. This is the time (in sec) which the system waits for the user to select the operating system to boot to.

* If you use only a single operating system (don't dual boot) you can safely set the value to 0.

* But if you have more than one operating system installed then set it to 3 or more (which ever is convenient).

* Now after doing the above step click the " Advanced Options " button. The Boot Advanced Options Window will then pop up.

* Tick the check box saying "Number of Processors". Now click on the drop down box and select the maximum number of processor cores (might be 2 or more).

* Press " OK " and also tick the " No GUI Boot " option too.
* Click " Apply "and then on " OK " and thats it.

(source from computer unleashed)

:: Sony Vegas Movie Studio Or Vegas Pro::

I just proceed with my latest project to render a very long scene about 30 minute. This take a very long time. Previously I'm using Vegas 7 for rendering the montage, but after finding that the new Vegas have already release in DC++(this is confidential) so i decide to get the latest one. After searching, i found that there are 2 types of Vegas which are, Sony Vegas Movie Studio and Sony Vegas Pro.

Vegas Movie Studio

Vegas pro

I thought that, both vegas are same, and i decide to use Sony Vegas Movie Studio. But after doing some experiment and try and error, i found that this vegas has a little bit different with the previous one that i used.This version is more friendly for user and have some tutorial to teach for a new learner. Unfortunately, i just realize that this one, has some limitation. The layer for video can only add up to 3 layer only.how poor..

Really frustrating, then i switch to vegas pro, and now all back to normal..

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