:: Sony Vegas Movie Studio Or Vegas Pro::

I just proceed with my latest project to render a very long scene about 30 minute. This take a very long time. Previously I'm using Vegas 7 for rendering the montage, but after finding that the new Vegas have already release in DC++(this is confidential) so i decide to get the latest one. After searching, i found that there are 2 types of Vegas which are, Sony Vegas Movie Studio and Sony Vegas Pro.

Vegas Movie Studio

Vegas pro

I thought that, both vegas are same, and i decide to use Sony Vegas Movie Studio. But after doing some experiment and try and error, i found that this vegas has a little bit different with the previous one that i used.This version is more friendly for user and have some tutorial to teach for a new learner. Unfortunately, i just realize that this one, has some limitation. The layer for video can only add up to 3 layer only.how poor..

Really frustrating, then i switch to vegas pro, and now all back to normal..

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