Why i make it???

For you my sweetie...

you hate when i speak slow when u called,-i dont wanna hurt you
you hate when i move slow when im driving,- i wanna spend more time with you
you hate when i slow to respond when u r talking,- because i like when you talking
you hate when i say nothing when u called me slow,- because you right... im slow
you hate when i talk not in the right place,- because i concern about you
you hate when i ask so many things,-because i care about you
you hate when i laugh while u r angry,- i try to make you happy
you hate when i always remember what u missed,- because you so important to me
you hate when i always remember what u forgot,- because you are special
you hate when i said its ok when u didnt reply your msg,- because i want to give u some space
you hate when i said its ok when u didnt answer ur call,- because i want to give u some space
you hate when i said its ok when u cancel our date,- because i want to give u some space
you hate when i said its ok when u stop cook my meals,- i know you tired
you hate when i bring u jacket when u r cold,- i want to keep you warm..
you hate when i always stay by ur side,- i want to secure you
you hate when i always cheer u up,- because i want you to success
you hate when i treat u with care,- because i really care about you
you hate when i come downstairs juz to left ur food,- because i worry about you
you hate when i still come when i dunt have umbrella,- because i want to help as i could
you hate when i sick juz bcuz of u,- i give my life for you
you hate when i said its fine when i already sick,- because i want to give my best for you.....

all of this just because one simple answer.......


:: How to Increase your Window 7 Boot::

Selamat Hari Raya to all...

It's been a while since my last sharing was posted.. emmm now is still early in the morning, after performing, Subuh, prayer, i sat at the study table and finding something in the web.... well nothing to do... just seeking extra knowledge for technology... The interesting part, i was found the easy tutorial for speeding the booting time in the window 7--> For those who are using it only...
So this is the tips::

A simple tweak will help you to decrease the boot time of windows 7. You will be benified by this tweak only if you have a multiple core processor. These days most of the computers have a dual core or quad core or something better than that CPU's.

* Press [Win] + R or take the RUN option from the start menu.

* Now type msconfig in there and press Enter Key to open up the System Configuration Window. Click on the Boot tab in there.
You will see a box called Time out. This is the time (in sec) which the system waits for the user to select the operating system to boot to.

* If you use only a single operating system (don't dual boot) you can safely set the value to 0.

* But if you have more than one operating system installed then set it to 3 or more (which ever is convenient).

* Now after doing the above step click the " Advanced Options " button. The Boot Advanced Options Window will then pop up.

* Tick the check box saying "Number of Processors". Now click on the drop down box and select the maximum number of processor cores (might be 2 or more).

* Press " OK " and also tick the " No GUI Boot " option too.
* Click " Apply "and then on " OK " and thats it.

(source from computer unleashed)

:: Sony Vegas Movie Studio Or Vegas Pro::

I just proceed with my latest project to render a very long scene about 30 minute. This take a very long time. Previously I'm using Vegas 7 for rendering the montage, but after finding that the new Vegas have already release in DC++(this is confidential) so i decide to get the latest one. After searching, i found that there are 2 types of Vegas which are, Sony Vegas Movie Studio and Sony Vegas Pro.

Vegas Movie Studio

Vegas pro

I thought that, both vegas are same, and i decide to use Sony Vegas Movie Studio. But after doing some experiment and try and error, i found that this vegas has a little bit different with the previous one that i used.This version is more friendly for user and have some tutorial to teach for a new learner. Unfortunately, i just realize that this one, has some limitation. The layer for video can only add up to 3 layer only.how poor..

Really frustrating, then i switch to vegas pro, and now all back to normal..

:: Different Between Windows x32-bit ans 64-bit ::


I just wondering what is the different between the x32-bit and 64 bit Windows in operating system.. After Google in internet.. i found the explanation of the problem. Here is it:

The terms 32-bit and 64-bit refer to the way a computer's processor (also called a CPU), handles information. The 64-bit version of Windows handles large amounts of random access memory (RAM) more effectively than a 32-bit system. For more details, go to A description of the differences between 32-bit versions of Windows Vista and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista online.

This is only the small information that i want to share..

If you have any confusion or just wondering about the window, here the link that maybe can help


got to go... Now is the midght>>>>

:: Problem with 3'ds Studio Max for Vista or Win 7


Hello, everyone... last night i was installed the 3'd Max for my project. I quite familiar in using the 3d Max.. but last night i found that the program has a little difficulties adapting in the new Windows 7... The panel for different view ex: perspective,front,top and left become white and some time the panel show what am i doing... so i realize that when i starting the program a pop up windows told me that something fail to initialize..-->i forgot what is the location of the problem but it told that 988 or 998 error, something like that. That why it became nuts... so after made some research finally i found a solution (it could be other method if you can solve it yourself). For those who still using the 3d's Studio Max 9 in vista, you can visit the link below and download the Autodesk 3ds Max 9 Service Pack 2

1. Go to the link above
2.Download the
64 bit - 3dsMax9 SP2 64bit.zip(zip-21818Kb)
32 bit - 3dsMax9 SP2 32bit.zip(zip-1737Kb)
*depend what type you install.

3.Extract the folder

There should be no problem after the installation. If there is another problem occur, you can try to Google it and it must be some one will help you on the forum..(sorry i also still learning ) For those who have another alternative to solve this problem you are welcome to comment and adding more information about the topic.
Sharing Is Caring v[^,^]v

:: Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan ::


Masa berganti masa.. hari berganti-hari.. 22.08.09, maka tiba la Ramadhan, dimana banyak kelebihan dalam bulan ini.. Maka marilah kita sama-sama merebut peluang ini dengan sebaik2ny....
Tingkatkn amal dan sedekah pada bulan ini...rebut la peluang ini kerana, masih adakan ramadhan utk kita di tahun hadapan?? renung2 kn lah.... Semoga Segala amalan kita di bulan yg mulia ini akan di terima yang maha Esa... Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan--->>

Hadith :

Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda yang maksudnya: “Apabila datangnya bulan Ramadhan, pintu-pintu syurga dibuka, manakala pintu-pintu neraka ditutup, syaitan dirantaikan.”
Riwayat Bukhari & Muslim

Pengajaran Hadis:

i) Perkataan Ramadhan berasal dari kata dasar ‘ra-mim-dal’, yang bererti “panas” atau “panas yang menyengat”. Perkataan ini berkembang sehingga ertinya membawa maksud “menjadi panas atau sangat panas”, atau diertikan juga sebagai “hampir membakar”. Oleh itu makna Ramadhan boleh diringkaskan sebagai waktu atau keadaan di mana seseorang merasa panas, mulut terasa kering dan tenggorok terasa haus disebabkan sedang berpuasa.

ii) Manakala perkataan puasa dalam bahasa Arab disebut ‘Siyam’ atau ‘Soum’ Kedua-duanya berasal dari kata dasar ‘Sa-wa-ma’, di mana secara etmologinya bererti menahan diri daripada segala yang dilarangnya serta mengikuti apa yang diperintahkan-Nya. Hal ini dapat diwujudkan dengan adanya perasaan takut (taqwa) kepada Allah S.W.T.

iii) Pada bulan Ramadhan umat Islam diwajibkan berpuasa kerana dengan puasalah nafsu akan terdidik. Bahkan dengan rahmat Allah S.W.T di bulan ini segala syaitan dan iblis dibelenggu dan Allah juga membuka pintu syurga dan menutup pintu neraka. Maka dalam situasi demikian kita hendaklah mengambil peluang untuk menguatkan jiwa dan rohani dengan mengerjakan amal ibadah seperti sembahyang tarawikh dan membaca Al Quran sesuai dengan kemuliaan dan kebesaran bulan tersebut.

iv) Selain itu Allah S.W.T juga memberikan dorongan untuk kita berusaha memperbanyakkan ibadah dengan melipatgandakan pahala pengamalnya serta disediakan satu malam yang lebih baik iaitu ‘Lailatul Qadar’ di mana kelebihannya menandingi 1000 bulan malam-malam biasa.

(sumber dari http://ii.islam.gov.my)

:: New Project ::

Coming Soon a New MPPUTP show...
Check out MPPUTP website in this short time.... get ready....

:: Lets Change To Window 7::

From XP i've transform to Window 7 Ultimate.... This new OS will bring a new dimension to the Microsoft Company.... After struggling with the Vista now the new era of the Microsoft will rising.

=> This is the Desktop look in the Window 7..(looking nice right???)

=> The Interface look very cool and it is transparent.

=> There is more theme is to be use
(but i still like this one.. depend on you)

=> very nice!!!

=> There are also using small amount of the RAM,not burden you laptop or PC.
(in this pic i open many program so the RAM increase a bit)

=> In vista, there are so much using RAM and the computer become slow

=> But there are still much more to discover the real test for the new Window

Actually the security of this new operating system is the same as the vista and the stability as same as XP. Finally they found the solution. But for me.. overall the system is very cool and for those who interested, come and lets transform to new operating system..

New Gundam Miester

July 2009...

My latest collection of gundam.....


My vision is to complete the collection of Gundam OO first.
For those who have the same interest in collecting the Gundam model do contact me and we can share the experience.

My Collection now::

GN 001 Gundam Exia

GN 001
Gundam Dynames

Next Target::

  • Gundam Astrea
  • Gundam Virtue
  • Gundam Kyrios

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