:: Lets Change To Window 7::

From XP i've transform to Window 7 Ultimate.... This new OS will bring a new dimension to the Microsoft Company.... After struggling with the Vista now the new era of the Microsoft will rising.

=> This is the Desktop look in the Window 7..(looking nice right???)

=> The Interface look very cool and it is transparent.

=> There is more theme is to be use
(but i still like this one.. depend on you)

=> very nice!!!

=> There are also using small amount of the RAM,not burden you laptop or PC.
(in this pic i open many program so the RAM increase a bit)

=> In vista, there are so much using RAM and the computer become slow

=> But there are still much more to discover the real test for the new Window

Actually the security of this new operating system is the same as the vista and the stability as same as XP. Finally they found the solution. But for me.. overall the system is very cool and for those who interested, come and lets transform to new operating system..

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