:: Problem with 3'ds Studio Max for Vista or Win 7


Hello, everyone... last night i was installed the 3'd Max for my project. I quite familiar in using the 3d Max.. but last night i found that the program has a little difficulties adapting in the new Windows 7... The panel for different view ex: perspective,front,top and left become white and some time the panel show what am i doing... so i realize that when i starting the program a pop up windows told me that something fail to initialize..-->i forgot what is the location of the problem but it told that 988 or 998 error, something like that. That why it became nuts... so after made some research finally i found a solution (it could be other method if you can solve it yourself). For those who still using the 3d's Studio Max 9 in vista, you can visit the link below and download the Autodesk 3ds Max 9 Service Pack 2

1. Go to the link above
2.Download the
64 bit - 3dsMax9 SP2 64bit.zip(zip-21818Kb)
32 bit - 3dsMax9 SP2 32bit.zip(zip-1737Kb)
*depend what type you install.

3.Extract the folder

There should be no problem after the installation. If there is another problem occur, you can try to Google it and it must be some one will help you on the forum..(sorry i also still learning ) For those who have another alternative to solve this problem you are welcome to comment and adding more information about the topic.
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