New Gundam Miester

July 2009...

My latest collection of gundam.....


My vision is to complete the collection of Gundam OO first.
For those who have the same interest in collecting the Gundam model do contact me and we can share the experience.

My Collection now::

GN 001 Gundam Exia

GN 001
Gundam Dynames

Next Target::

  • Gundam Astrea
  • Gundam Virtue
  • Gundam Kyrios

5 Response to "New Gundam Miester"

  1. wah amir..
    suka ek bnda2 camtu??hehe

    aiyo bro
    HG exia je....exia ni super rare and cantik..aku ade NG je
    workout nk memiliki MG ignition Exia..

    btw, nice collection

    To million dollar guy=>

    Just interested for the 1/144 scale.. and most of it in HG only....
    Looking forward to find the Unicorn Gundam.... that awesome....
    thnx for the comment.

    to Nadhirah=>
    Huhu.. minat bende ni je la....
    name pn bdak laki.. haha
    klo pempuan penuh ngan teady bear kn2???
    Thanx for the comment.

    hehe..slmt berpuas amir..
    cm tau2 je ek..

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